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If you always wanted an exciting blend of strategy, action, team work and adventure, paintball is the perfect choice! Having developed into a worldwide phenomenon, we aim to bring you the best paintball places there is in all of Scotland.

Growing in popularity among stag and hen parties, corporate teams and birthdays, satisfy your hunting instincts in the wide variety of paintball fields across Scotland.

For a perfect paintball experience, make sure that you read our tips:

Camouflage, wear your helmets and safety suits.

Stay focused, load your guns and outwit your opponent.

Our professionals with years of experience will provide you with few safety briefing sessions. Whether you are a starter or a pro, remember to listen to the points and set out on the grounds of Scotland which is designed like a battlefield.

A favorite among party goers, add spice and substance to your special occasion with this addictive and messy treat of paintball!


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